Fresh Punta Gorda Seafood

For over a decade, Peace River Seafood & Botanicals has been proud to support our local commercial fishers. They give us the unique ability to serve the most fresh seafood one can find to our amazing, loyal customers.

What are you waiting for?! If you've never eaten seafood that was cooked within hours of being caught you don't know what you're missing. Nothing compares! It's something you've got to try at least once in your lifetime and then be prepared to do over and over again.

Peace River Seafood & Botanicals has been recognized locally and nationally as an authentic Florida seafood shack serving up the freshest local stone crab, shrimp, grouper and more. Peace River Seafood has also become known as one of those special "destination dining" experiences.

Tourists and locals enjoy fresh seafood dishes in a laid back old Florida cracker house. It's Fresh and fun, not Fancy, so grab your mallet and start cracking into some delicious crab!

Our seafood is sourced locally and delivered daily by local fishermen. In addition to our restaurant, we also have a seafood market so you can enjoy cooking and serve up fresh seafood at home for family and friends.